Coesite is a simple markup language based on XML which can compile into anything (given a definition string). Coesite is simply enough to be written manually, or to be a compiler target itself. Coesite must be given a language definition which will control what Coesite primitives compile into.


The following example should be able to successfully compile into JavaScript:

<!DOCTYPE coesite>

    <variable name="number">


</variable> <function name="add" arguments="num1, num2"> <return> <!-- raw data --> <r>num1 + num2</r> </return> </function> <variable name="res"> <call name="add" input="number, 5" /> </variable> <call name="console.log" input="res == 10" /> </coesite>
let number = 5;
function add(num1, num2) {
return num1 + num2;
let res = add(number, 5);
console.log(res == 10);
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